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An all-in-one platform for early childhood - apps, curriculum, free materials and more! 

For centre owners, teachers and parents.
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Child safety is the foremost aspect of raising a child. SoCo partners with leading programs with over 500,000 viewers to bring them to you in a  structured & easy way. Check them out with your child now!


Parenting articles, FAQs, tips, parent podcasts and try-at-home activities! Check them out now!

Have a question or want to share your story? Get in touch now.

The early years of a child’s life are the most crucial period for his or her overall development. Knowing what to expect when and how to contribute & track progress may make all the difference. Be in the know! 

Structured early childhood development helps children to learn more effectively. There are so many different philosophies that you can follow. Learn more about them and how you can implement them in your school or at home.

A healthy body houses a health mind. Think nutrition, balanced diets, recipes for the fussy eaters, dietary restriction specific diets and much more. 
Fitness! Eating healthy isn't enough. Increasing screen time means less physical activity. Know more about what you can do.

A‌s we like to call it, teaching the 'Life Skills' to your child is like gifting a  manual about life to your children! As a parent or an educator, we own the responsibility for equipping our children with an ‘holistic’ skillset a.k.a life skills that will help them through the challenges that life will throw at them.


Simply put, mindfulness is taking note of what is happening right now. As NY Times puts it - Mindfulness is the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment".
Know how you and your children can practice mindfulness in a fun way!


We have done the hard work for you. Educators and thought leaders around the world have generated amazing content for you to use in school or at home. We bring it to you in a structured and easy to use way.


SoCoWorld is an all-in-one app for early childhood centre owners, teachers and parents/families. Download the app from the Apple or Android store for free. Learn more by clicking here!

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