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Patience, the Magic Potion for Peaceful Parenting!

“Keep patience”

Ah! As a parent, this is probably the most common advice you will receive from anyone. You are expected to be patient with your child and their development. You are expected to be patient when they don’t follow the rules. And you are expected to be patient when they throw a tantrum in public, and there is nothing you can do to make them stop.

Only if we could tell them – “Patience runs out!” Wish we were born with a never-ending well of patience. What if it was a superpower you magically gain overnight? Fortunately, for all of us, it is something we can develop as a skill.

Yes, the solution to becoming patient is: you have to be patient with becoming patient. 

Parents don’t have to be superheroes. You can multi-task as much as you want to make ends meet for your family but don’t forget that you are only human and you are allowed to be frustrated. Give yourself permission to be angry but be aware of how you direct it.Dr. Gail Gross, a human behavior, parenting and education expert, wrote an article called “Parenting with Patience” in which she mentioned “conscious parenting”. Being conscious means knowing what kind of parent to be for your child in their time of need. If they are upset, try to understand why they are upset and provide accordingly.

Despite your bouts of frustration and stress, remember that you love your child.  So for their sake, work on the art of patience by learning to be patient with yourself. Do not make rash decisions and let love guide your actions. Pause and then act or walk away and come back. You are also not alone as a parent so learn to rely on your partner for support and advice. With time and practice, you will become better at being patient. Regain your peace as a parent!

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