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Are you ready for the school year?

It is again time to welcome new families to another year of learning and fun. As a teacher, this means getting ready for piles of paper reports, lesson plans, and event planning, just to name a few. This can get overwhelming fast but fortunately, SoCoWorld* offers simple tools to execute key strategies that make getting ready for the school year a breeze: 

   1. Getting Organized

Get a head start on the school year and setup goals you want to achieve through your curriculum. Take a step back to reflect on the previous year and see what you can do better this time. With SoCo, your previous years’ work (including lesson plans) and content is always at your fingertips.

     2. Prepare and Know your Roster

Promote previous students to further classes and refresh your rosters with new students and parents. Find a way to make the rosters personable and convenient by adding children profile pictures so that the first day isn’t your first time with the child. With SoCo’s digital rosters, you can do all this anywhere and anytime.

     3. Communicate with Parents

Reach out to parents before the year starts and welcome them to your school community. Making them aware of the preparation goes a long way in pacifying first-day anxieties and reconfirms their faith in choosing you.

     4. Plan your Lessons

Create lesson plans with a clear outline aligned to your philosophy. You can manage all your lessons and align them to milestones in your SoCoWorld campus for ready access through web and mobile apps. Keep in mind, not every child has the same learning pace and needs, so keep space for dynamicity as you get to know your tiny tots more.

     5. Identify and Align to Learning Milestones

Identify what your school’s standards and apply them in your daily activities. Next, plan how you want to track and align a child’s growth to these standards. Set up learning milestones for children to reach and engage parents to help contribute to the learning cycle.

Assessing these milestones throughout the year can help you prepare your plan better. With SoCo, you can leverage pre-built learning milestones or add your own custom ones.

     6. Share Important Documents

Prepare and send out all the necessary documents parents would need before school starts such as the school calendar, school packets, and fees schedules. You can create and email them all through SoCoWorld without the hassle of extra paperwork. This will reassure parents in your abilities as a responsible teacher.

     7. Create Eye-Catching Newsletters

Use fun, beautiful and engaging newsletter templates to share school activities with parents. With SoCo, you can make your newsletters even more dynamic by adding videos!

     8. Setup Events

Schedule and create events beforehand to save time later. Give parents an easier way to sign-up and get alerts in time for events.

     9. Be Prepared

Now, you are all set with the prep to start the new school year but there is one more step that we all need to prepare for – any emergency situation! Make emergency contact numbers easily accessible, have parent contacts at your finger tips and familiarize yourself with your school’s procedures.

First days are daunting for everyone. But with the right tools they can be fun and exciting as you create and share wonderful memories while creating a brighter future for our children.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ from the whole Tweak The Future team to all the hardworking educators out there! We are so grateful for your time and effort! Keep up the good work :)  

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*SoCoWorld is an all-in-one platform for early childhood – driving holistic learning & growth through engagement.

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    I guess I am too old for it. My school years are over. What about you?

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