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Life Skills series: Gifting a ‘manual’ about life to your children!

Teaching my little one about life!

Life is more than just coursework, STEM/STEAM-based initiatives or preparing for the careers of the future. As a parent or an educator, we own the responsibility for equipping our children with an ‘holistic’ skillset a.k.a life skills that will help them through the challenges that life will throw at them.

What are life skills?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. Simply put, think of life skills as building blocks or a framework that helps a child apply all the knowledge they gain in schools to real world problems and situations. Some key examples of life skills are self reflection, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Learning beyond academics

The school curriculum ensures that our little ones are prepared for life – academically. Their focus lies on teaching the ABCs to XYZs of every subject. But let’s look at an example that goes beyond academics – soccer coaching.

When a kid learns soccer, she or he learns the skills of playing, the spirit of working in a team, understanding the importance of focus, and lastly, how to manage emotions involved in winning and losing. These lessons help in the kids’ overall development. This sportsman spirit eventually helps them in the future to give their best in life at any stage in life.

Life skills help everywhere

Life skills, as the name suggests are helpful at any time and stage of life. The earlier one learns them, stronger the foundation will be. These skills not only focus on one’s behavioural or thinking patterns but also focus on the wholesome growth of the kid as an individual.

When the kids are in their early years, they are at the peak of their learnable age and are very sensitive to their surroundings. Learning at this age helps them in forming their moral grounds and start addressing the life situations independently.

Partner with your kids in learning

Like many other things, even learning life skills begins at home! When parents start looking at their children as partners, the process of learning life skills becomes easier for them. Asking your children about their opinions, showing interest in knowing their likes and dislikes, involving them in chores and holding them responsible for consequences are some ways in which learning life skills begins at home. The kids respond to parents’ keenness and are more comfortable in sharing about their opinions. What more, they enjoy the parental bond that develops with time through these activities.

So parents and educators, let’s get started with life skills! For more information on how you can get started write to us at

This ‘Life Skills’ blog series, created in partnership with Hurray Kids will focus on various skills and how you, as a parent, educator or caregiver can help your child take control of their life in their own unique way! So stay tuned!

We have partnered with the best curriculum experts to offer you the most comprehensive Life Skills curriculum that you can easily implement at your school or at home. Write to us at for more details.

Stay tuned or even better, be a contributor!

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