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Ep 1 - Dr. Swati Popat (Part 1)

Our guest today is a veteran educationist who is transforming the face of early childhood in India. She is the president of one of the largest education network, Podar Education Network with over 155,000 students and heads the Early Childhood Association of India. She is an education activist, a teaching expert and a parenting guru. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dr. Swati Popat Vats.

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Listen to Dr. Swati Popat (Part 1) on setting up and running schools, early childhood philosophies and parenting / child management techniques below:

Transcripts: Coming Soon

In Part 2 of our talk with Dr. Swati Popat, learn more about your school's philosophies, life skills, mindfulness, and the true meaning of 'Nurturing'.  Great talk for both parents and educators... Subscribe to our podcast and follow our facebook page to stay tuned.

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