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Life Skills: Conversation ideas with your child

The early years of a child move fast.

There is so much to experience, so much to learn, so much to train, so much to prepare, so much to laugh, so much to share, so much to talk… The most important part in all of ‘so-much’ is staying emotionally connected with your child.

Our routine conversation with children often result in the below response / thought:

“I know what dad will ask me next. I know what mom will ask me now.”

‘Oh! Again the same question.’

In the pace of our day to day life, we may mistake our routine questions and answer as real conversations with our child. Though some questions may be necessary (e.g. when are you coming back, have you packed your school bag, have you arranged your books, etc.), we often ignore topics that may actually engage a child creatively and encourage him or her to share their thoughts with us.

What if we asked the following:

  • Can you suggest a few tips on how to rearrange the cushions on the sofa?
  • Where should I keep these extra cookie packets?
  • Anything new you learnt today in music class?
  • Did you help any of your friends today?
  • Let’s plan some surprise for your grandmother. Got any ideas?
  • This salad is yummy but kind off boring. How can I make this salad more interesting? Shall we add few more ingredients or shall we change the serving bowl?
  • How’s your friend <name>? Did you guys have fun at school today?
  • You know when we were kids, we used to take printout of photos. Let’s try taking one today. What’s your favorite picture?

The list of topics can be endless. Try to keep them open-ended. Just a little bit of creativeness can turbo-boost your bond with your child, and not just that, you will see a noticeable difference in your child’s behaviour, mood and confidence.

Talking and having real conversations are an integral part of a parent-child relationship, or for that matter, a teacher-child relationship as well. So, lets make that little effort to witness the blossoming of a child and be part of their joys, sorrows, fears, daily struggles, experiences, achievements, chuckles and giggles.

It is time to upgrade our parenting style with a pinch of creativity!

This ‘Life Skills’ series, created in partnership with Hurray Kids will focus on various life skills and how you, as a parent, educator or caregiver can help your child take control of their life in their own unique way! So stay tuned! Write to us at to become a contributor.

Write to us at: to stay tuned or even better, be a contributor!

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