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Here’s A School Management System that Both Teachers and Parents Will Love

A school management software that goes beyond just an ‘ERP’ and engages parents meaningfully is a must for every educational institution. With the preschool market facing fierce competition, how confident are you that the school management system you are using serves your purpose, the teachers and the kids in the best way possible?

Rapid economic growth is bringing more and more parents into the workforce. While this dual income opportunity is viewed as beneficial for men and women alike, the situation has caused a surge in the demand for preschool/daycare centers, services and other childcare facilities all over the globe. Read some example stats here. Different research studies support the following major causes for such a phenomenal rise in demand, specifically in emerging economies such as India: the consistent growth of nuclear families through the years, improved income and modes of living, policies supporting the entry, growth and development of women in the workforce, an increase of awareness on the part of the parents for the effect of quality preschool education in the overall development of a child.

One of the key evidence that the preschool market in India is rising aggressively is the entry of multiple foreign players in India’s preschool industry. They are poised and ready to give service to its 164 million children in competition to the existing local public and private schools. These schools offer diversified curriculum such as Multiple Intelligence, iLLUME, Montessori, and Play way, to name a few.

It is evident that the competition on business owners in the preschool industry is indeed toe to toe and will become even more fierce. With all this dynamicity in view, many business owners and entrepreneurs offering educational services in India often ask this important question:

“What more can we do to provide better services to our clients and thereby enable us to move/stay ahead of the competition?”

Now more than ever, an early childhood center’s client (a.k.a the parent) is in control of their spending. There are just so many options available for them to choose from today that whosoever they think understands their needs the most, offers the best care, and has the best services almost always are given their money.

And so, going back to the question above: “what more can we, as an early childhood center, do to provide better services to our clients and thereby enabling ourselves to move ahead of the competition?”

The answer to this question is:

“Leverage technology to transform your school operations to enhance learning, development, safety and meaningful engagement”

Preschool and daycare owners must bear in mind that today’s parents are tech-savvy and want to be meaningfully engaged in their child’s day at school. Preschool owners must also realize that a school’s effort in including parents as part of their child’s learning is a big plus to their business’s reputation and value. An HSBC Global Education Report states that India holds the highest percentage (96%) of parents who have paid private tutor or tuition on private schools for at least 1 child. This is a staggering number and a testament to how committed parents in the country are towards ensuring that their children receive a quality education and care.

Now, just imagine, what if you as a school, can empower your parents to be not only more aware of their child but be equipped with the tools and knowledge to contribute to their child’s growth and learning?

Shouldn’t your services endear you to your parents more? And wouldn’t it give the parents more chance to be proactively and meaningfully engagedin the learning and development of their child, just the way they want it to be?


There are tons of ERP solutions out there, but just an ERP will not do it! You need a platform that is specifically built for early childhood needs, enables efficient operations, focuses on effective learning outcomes while keeping engagement and collaboration at its core. The team at Tweak the Future Innovations, developed its flagship platform, SoCoWorld with exactly these fundamentals in mind.

SoCoWorld’s vision is to make early childhood education and care more social and collaborative, and easily accessible for parents, teachers and administrators alike, in a simple, meaningful and effective way.

SoCoWorld is an all-in-one platform that’s meant to help preschools and daycare impart quality education and care, along with enabling meaningful engagement with parents and other stakeholders. It can be accessed for free on the device of your choice through the web and mobile apps for Android and Apple.

SoCoWorld is much more than an ERP. We are revolutionizing how educators, caregivers and parents engage!

It’s an all-in-one solution that helps manage preschools, learning and parent engagement with pre-built curriculum frameworks (or 100% custom) and early childhood specific templates to easily capture moments of a child. From digital diaries, messages, invoice, and billing, to the execution of lesson plans and individualized assessments, with SoCoWorld you will never need any other app.

Visit or write to gosoco@tweakthefuture.comtoday to set up your free demo and trial today!

Staying ahead of your competition, realizing true revenue, saving $$ on operations, delighting your customers and achieving better learning outcomes — has never been easier! Go SoCo!

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